A little bit about the one who started it all! Rhea Lana is a mom who lives in Conway, AR, and began her business there 25 years ago. When her children were small she realized there was a great need for moms to sell their children's clothes for a fair price - and to buy excellent quality children's clothing at affordable prices. The business has grown and become very successful! One reason for the sale's success is that we maintain very high standards in the quality of merchandise that we accept. Also, we guarantee that we will keep track of each consignor's items, or they will be reimbursed. There's also no waiting for your money as consignors' checks with detailed inventory reports are available on Pick Up Day, immediately after the sale.

A little about me, the owner of Rhea Lana's of NoCo. My name is Nicole Zellner. I am a mama myself and understand how fast kids out grow there items. I first would pay full price for everything, until I found out about Rhea Lana's! I experienced my first sale in Midland, TX. I was first a consigner and sold all my baby items and was shocked at how much I sold! And now I am a shopper! I thought this was an amazing thing and could not get over that I have never heard of this before! My husband and I thought this is something Northern Colorado needed! Therefore, it brings us great joy to be able to provide this opportunity to so many moms and families in the Northern Colorado.

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