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VIP Service

As a VIP Consignor, we hang, tag, and transport your items to the event. VIP consignors receive 30% of their sales and a pass to SHOP EARLY! Spots are LIMITED! Click form to see when spots are available

Barcode Pick Up

ALL Consignors need to pre-label their items before coming to drop-off! We have barcode pick up days prior to the sale. Watch for sign ups as you must sign up 24 hours before pick up!

In Store Drop Off Consignor Appts.

In-Store drop-off procedures will be followed: All consignors will unload their cars, bring in their PRE-LABELED items inside, and put them in number order to be checked for the guarantee (or only quality checked if you prefer a quicker drop-off). Once all items have been checked, consignors will put their own items out on the labeled racks and tables. Before leaving your drop-off appointment, you will receive your early shopping passes!

Consignor Referral Program

Want to earn more than 60% of your sales? Refer your friends to consign for the first time! Refer 1 new consignor and have your consignor fee waived. Refer 2 new consignors and earn 65% of your sales. Refer 5 new consignors and earn 70% of your sales. Referred consignors must have never consigned at the NoCo event before and must consign at least 30 items.